The Zoi


Diagnosis | Acupuncture | Herbal Prescriptions

This Session Involves

a thorough review of your health history, addressing your reason for seeking out treatment

Necessary / Applicable Therapies - Cupping, Gua-Sha, Tuina
Herbal Recommendations / Prescription
Recommended Treatment Plan


Initial Treatment

Included as a part of the Zoi Standard :
– Vitals – BP, Temperature, Heart Rate, Respiration
– Chinese Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis
– Range of Motion
– Palpation where indicated
– Acupuncture + Applicable Therapies


Follow Up Treatments

-Vitals where necessary
– Chinese Tongue & Pulse
– Treatment


Package of 3

– Initial + Follow Ups
– Includes all of the Zoi Standard
*$44 Discount (@ 15%)
-Option to pay in 2 installments of $123


Package of 6

– Initial + Follow Ups
– Includes all of the Zoi Standard
*$112 Discount (@ 20%)
-Option to pay in 2 installments of $224

The Zoi


Lab Tests | Dietary | Lifestyle Consult

This Session Involves

Chinese Medicine – as the original Functional Medicine seeks to bring balance to the whole body and to prevent possible illness for the future – these consultations are provided in order to discuss CBC + Differential, Stool Test, Lipid Panel, Hormone Testing Lab results

- To recommend labs where they would be helpful
- to create dietary plans to follow for optimal healing / reversal of symptoms
- To mentor for lifestyle changes

The Zoi


3 Month All Inclusive | Reversing the Progress of Illness

This Program Involves*

12 Acupuncture Treatments
3 Hours of TCM Functional Medicine Consultation
Dietary Planning / Lab Review / Herbal Planning / Lifestyle / Mentorship
$600 Herbal / Supplement / Probiotic / Bank
Lab testing - $500 bank
Detailed instructions to incorporate program smoothly into daily life
Access to Classes
Monthly reports

*Recommended For :
diabetes, autoimmune disease, chronic illness, fertility, metabolic syndrome, etc.

$1600 – $2400

This package plan is a commitment to work towards the highest therapeutic effect with Chinese Medicine using an integrative approach. Each plan is fully customizable. 


Patients often access all of these services anyway, after they understand the benefits. An average course of treatment for Zoi patients tends to be 10 – 20 treatments. 90% of the patients take herbal supplements and more are choosing to run the lab tests in order to receive the full functional medicine reporting that comes along with it. (The road map to treating each individual with precision and focus)

*This is a savings of $400 on these services

Special Treatments

& A La Carte

Herbal Consultations | Cupping | Infrared Sauna



Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it for many purposes, including to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and well-being, and as a type of deep-tissue massage.


Herbal Consultations

*plus cost of herbal prescription

$35 Walk Ins / $25 Add On


Infrared Sauna

The Infrared Sauna room is offered to you for an hour at a time. Receive complementary essential oil sprays, a cold eucalyptus towel, 32 oz of filtered water, Makeup remover towelettes, Folk Potions Magic Face Oil, set to music of your choice.


Zoi Tinctures

*In-house, individually customized, &/or standard TCM tinctures.


Evergreen Herbs

$15 – $120

Pure Encapsulations

Vitamin & Mineral Supplements

Integrated Massage & Acupuncture

A program designed for the highest therapeutic results in the least amount of time!

$40 Ad On

30 minute massage + Acupuncture*

Clinical Massage followed by your Acupuncture Session! 

$80 Add-On

60 minute massage + Acupuncture*

Clinical massage followed by your acupuncture session!

*This service is a unique Zoi Clinic program created to speed recovery

Clinical Massage is offered to patients prior to the acupuncture session. The service is seamless & the team collaborates on each patient case for optimal results!

*** The Cost of the Massage is added on to the cost of the patient’s Acupuncture Session

Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine



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