It Takes a Village to Raise a Business

It’s been quite a busy 2 years for Noa Lynne Davis, founder of Zoi Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine.  Over a vibrant lunch at Thai Fresh, it turns out she’s become quite the local celebrity too as we’re interrupted (politely) by fans of her social media presence on Instagram & Facebook, glowing over her empowering mission to bring good health to all that set foot through her Buda clinic doors.

And Noa is more than aware that it took a village to raise her business, as she discusses with infectious enthusiasm how much gratitude she has for all that have helped and developed her along the way.  As a small business owner, it’s an incredible challenge to remain established with about two-thirds surviving 2 years in business, half of all businesses surviving 5 years, and one-third surviving 10.  Business at Zoi Acupuncture is definitely thriving though and Noa shared some of her top learnings from clients, friends and local businesses over the past couple of years (as well as a roll-call of those that nourished her in body & mind).

Texas Allergies are NO JOKE

I’ve learned a lot about relieving these symptoms because CEDAR!  I dedicated an article on the subject because I was increasingly hearing from clients about the issues they suffer from relating to these allergies.  I’m just happy that I can help provide services to help relieve their suffering!

Choosing Buda was the best decision I made

I am so grateful for all the wonderful families and businesses I have met in Buda and the surrounding area. We were able to expand the clinic in just 16 months and that is SO amazing to me!  I am truly grateful to live in such a supportive and positive community.

My clients empower me

The mental and emotional part of my work with patients is just as important as (sometimes more than) the treatment of the physical body.  Knowing that when a patient leaves the Zoi Clinic feeling cared for, listened to and empowered is very important to me and one of my favorite parts of the job! Their words of encouragement go a long way!

My staff help me look forward to every working day

I am grateful to my staff, to Abigayle and to Alejandro, who make it easy for Zoi to continue to provide excellent and focused patient care.  I’ve learned a lot about making customized herbal medicine alongside them and I am thankful to be in a space where I am constantly learning.

A heartfelt “THANK YOU!” to (in no specific order):

  1. The Buda Area Chamber of Commerce
  2. BACC Talk Radio
  3. Hays County Radio
  4. Gray Gardens
  5. Helen’s Casa Alde
  6. The Ladies at Little Blue Bird and The Red Door
  7. Proof Liqour and Deli
  8. My Incredible Running Mate – Well Spa, Alli Watts
  9. Lyndley Badger –  Hello Beautiful Lashes
  10. Blu Wyatt – Live Decorated
  11. David Bernard & the whole BM– USED Imaging team: If it weren’t for them, I would probably be washing dishes somewhere
  12. Abigayle Peka-Stansberry – EastSide Elixirs
  13. The Carrington House
  14. Nates, Buda
  15. Summer Moon, Buda
  16. Buda Drug Store
  17. Erica Steele – Midwife
  18. Erica Hope – Midwife
  19. Stephanie Saunders – Midwife
  20. Amber Reynolds – Doctor of Oriental Medicine
  21. Tiffany Smith – Licensed Acupuncturist, mentor, Professor of Biochemistry and Microbiology
  22. Texas Health and Science University
  23. Folk Potions
  24. Moon Mantra
  25. FOND Bone Broth
  26. AOMA – Graduate School of Integrated Medicine

*As a token gesture to the first 5 bookings with Zoi Acupuncture, you will receive a complimentary Zoi Tincture of your choice when you mention #2yearsofZoi!