Acupuncture Brings Relief and Peace to a Woman Struggling with Migraines.

Margarita Gokun Silver suffered from consistent severe migraines until she found acupuncture.

Margarita Gokun Silver suffered from consistent severe migraines until she found acupuncture.

In recent years, several studies have concluded that acupuncture could be an efficient — and fairly side-effects-free — method of reducing both the occurrence and the severity of migraines.

At my first appointment with an acupuncturist, she spent 45 minutes asking me questions before any needles came out.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “and don’t tense. Tensing usually makes the pain worse. Just breathe.”

She told me when to inhale and when to exhale for each needle, and she stuck them into my hands, my feet and my forehead. All of them felt like a mosquito bite when they pierced the skin, but once they were in I no longer knew they were there.

“Relax,” she said after she put in the last needle and told me to lie there for 30 minutes. “Either empty your mind or think only good thoughts.”

 A month into my treatment, after eight sessions, I noticed that my migraines had begun to slow down in frequency and weaken in intensity. At the end of two months, I felt strong enough to scale my appointments down to once a week. Five months after I started acupuncture, I felt essentially cured. I rarely got the drowsy fog of fatigue — and if I did, it almost always went away on its own. I could work on my computer and spend time on the beach, and I was able to drink wine again.

It has now been five years since I discovered acupuncture. I still occasionally get migraines, and if they seem to be amping up, I’ll use acupuncture, even a couple of times a week. But there have been months when I don’t need it at all.

Stress seems to be a big contributing factor, and with acupuncture I know that in addition to healing my body with needles, I also get a whole half-hour when I only think of good things.

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