Acupuncture, Herbs and Your Immune System

By Noa Lynne Davis, L.Ac
On the way into the office today I heard the segment on KUT’s NPR news about bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The excessive use of antibiotics for infections in humans, in our livestock and in farming has inevitably led to the development of “superbugs” that are resistant to the strongest antibiotics that we have available to us on the market.
This is the way with nature, for bacterias to evolve, to adapt so that they will survive. The latest on the newest superbugs effecting Americans can be found here.
This is a perfect opportunity to discuss the immuno-modulating effects of Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Patients who see a Licensed Acupuncturist regularly have been shown to become ill less often and to fight infections much faster than those who do not see an Acupuncturist/Herbalist regularly.herbs
This “Acupuncture Today” article explains :
“From the modern era, scientists have determined that acupuncture can enhance the body’s production of natural killer cells, our primary immune system defense mechanism. It also helps regulate white blood cell production, enhances platelet count while preventing leukocyte decrease in radiation therapy patients, and helps chemotherapy patients maintain healthy levels of T cells. Some studies have shown that TCMs perform dual roles on immunological regulation: immunological activation and immunological suppression.”
While it is absolutely beneficial to society that scientists find a way to rid the body of infections that are currently resistant to antibiotics, it is just as, if not more important that society begins to understand how brilliantly their own bodies are able to resist infections.  The body requires certain minerals, vitamins, nutrients and a healthy, active lifestyle that allow it to do the job to keep itself clean, healthy and energetic. Small adjustments, consistently over time can lead to excellent, natural health.
Acupuncture and herbal medicine’s effectiveness at regulating the immune system, treating illness, and resolving painful conditions can be quite astonishing to the Western mentality, once discovered. It has been common for Acupuncture to be “the last resort” and just as common for it to be the “only thing that worked”. As it is a lifestyle “medicine” – preventive in it’s nature – it would be an obvious choice for maintaining a body that can stand up to the tasks ahead of it – for a life of vibrant energy and wellness!
written by Noa Lynne L.Ac.