Acupuncture: an Effective Treatment for Depression


For those that suffer from various forms of depression but have shown resistance to medication, here’s a great piece of news out of Japan. A pilot study from Japan shows that acupuncture can significantly improve depression and autonomic function in patients with medication-resistant depression. Thirty in-patients received either press-needle (PN) acupuncture or sham PN acupuncture (with a blunt press-needle) at eight acupoints for three days. The points used were bilateral Ximen P-4, Shousanli L.I.-10, Yinlingquan SP-9 and Sanyinjiao SP-6. Following PN acupuncture, participants showed significant improvement in depression scores, blood pressure and measures of vagal function, compared to sham PN. The authors suggest that improvement in vagal nerve function by acupuncture may be associated with its therapeutic mechanism in depression. If you suffer from depression and have had difficulties with medication in the past, come in to the Zoi Clinic today and speak with owner and licensed acupuncturist Noa Lynne. You have options, all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone and make an appointment today. (512)648-0610

Parts of this article were taken from the Journal of Chinese Medicine. If you’d like to see the original article click here