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“The General”

Part I

My friend, David, had this dream. He tends to have lots of dreams that somehow lead to tangible, life impact in the days following. It’s super weird. But it’s also incredibly interesting, and in this case, the case of “The General” and what it is for the Zoi Tincture Line is a straight up revelation.

The Dream:

David & his father were attending a graduation at the Chinese Medical School we both attended, Texas Health and Science University. There was a room with labeled chairs, and if you’re name was not on a chair then you were not welcome to be in that room. One chair had the name tag “General Hou Po” attached and for some reason David realized that it was his name and therefore, his seat! “General Hou Po”! David’s dreams always make me laugh before they make me think …

The Conclusion:

When David awoke from this dream his obvious question was, why “General Hou Po”? He recognized that “Hou Po” is a Chinese Herb so he looked into its applications to find that it was an exact antidote to some health issues his father has been facing lately. Hence – his father being with him in the dream I suppose.

David called me up and asked that I make a custom tincture of Hou Po for his dad. I poured it the next day with the addition of two supportive herbs and began the 4 week process of shaking and waiting and feeling super stoked about this new medicine we were about to have available to his dad!

The Product:


This is the Magnolia Bark : Hou Po tincture that the Zoi Tincture Line calls “The General”! Since a preliminary distribution of the tinctures to David’s dad and to one of David’s neighbor’s dogs – the feedback for results have been incredible!

The Herbal Profile :

Hou Po contains two phytochemical called Magnolia (a lignan)and Honokiol. These two phytochemical have been found to reduce stress and anxiety and to alleviate depression without causing common side effects of drugs like “Valium” such as sleepiness, memory loss, or withdrawal.

It was noted that studies have not proven a reduction in cortisol levels, but in the case of our dog here, who’s story is in the next section, I would say that more studies should be funded, absolutely!



“Hou Po has been demonstrated to have several physiological effects including as an anticoagulant (1), CNS suppressant (2), gastrointestinal inhibitor (3), antihypertensive (4), respiratory (5), and antibiotic (6).”

This herb is used in Chinese medicine to treat symptoms such as bloating and fullness in the epigastrium, constipation and diarrhea (both), chest fullness and cough with an excess of phlegm, stress and anxiety, depression and issues pertaining to heart diseases (it is a mild blood thinner).

The Stories :

Having not changed too many aspects of his lifestyle except to take “The General” tincture, David’s father has reports in a reversal of symptoms that seemed to be leading to Congestive Heart Failure. While he is being monitored closely for his health by his doctors, it looks like Hou Po has been a huge benefit so far!

The Dog!  I am definitely a people practitioner but have found the situation with this dog taking “The General” to be really exciting! One of the issues was that the vet found this dog’s cortisol levels to be dangerously high. The dog began taking “The General” with his meals. In a follow up visit to the vet – the dog’s cortisol levels have returned to within normal range! How incredible!

Basically, Ill be adding “The General” into my own daily regimen! One thing I enjoy the most about herbal medicine is that the medicine is not compromising some organ systems while helping others, that is, when it is being taken as instructed by your TCM practitioner or herbalist. In most cases herbal medicine is restorative to the tissues that make up our bodies while more powerful to combat illness than most Western people recognize!

Stay healthy and happy!  Come see me soon, pick up some of “The General” – destress, give your body a break and enjoy this magical season!


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