Why the Zoi Clinic?

The “Why” of anything is the motivation, isn’t it? Not the “What” or the “How To”. The why has so much power!


One of the core practices here at the Zoi Clinic is to inform the patient! I value my patients’ ability to make decisions based on knowledge and thoughtfulness. Of course when it’s a bit difficult to follow and you’re thinking “it’s all Chinese to me”, you can trust the Zoi clinic to help you find confidence in your health care plan with us! The process of making all of the best possible information available to each patient is a huge work in progress! Nonetheless, when I am asking a patient to consider a new herbal formula or to begin a series of Acupuncture treatments, the process at this clinic involves answering the “why” first!

So why the Zoi Clinic for your Acupuncture and Herbal needs? The answer is as simple as this : My only focus as a practitioner is to provide the best care and to recommend the highest quality and most effective herbal formulas for your personal needs! Integrity and consistency are cornerstones of the Zoi clinical foundation and going above and beyond to find solutions for you is something that I am absolutely passionate about. The fact that I get to dedicate my life to this art of healing using Chinese Medicine is a privilege that I do not take lightly, and working with you one on one is an honor.

Beyond that, the clinic has been designed with the patient experience as the #1 priority : the Spa like atmosphere coupled with the resources you need for holistic health. The clinic is stocked with the herbal products I have found through research to have the utmost integrity, quality and effectiveness. For example – Chi’s Enterprise Chinese Herbal Line, by Dr. Tsu-Tsair Chi was founded in 1986. His herbal products are associated with thousands of case studies and research articles! He developed his techniques based on the “observations and conditions of tens of thousands of cancer patients…” His products are very well made, tried and true, and able to be applied to some of our most difficult diagnoses in the Western world. I love to use his products for my allergy patients, for women’s health, for cold and flu, auto-immune disorders, as well as for my patients who are fighting cancer!


I so look forward to every meeting with you, and thank you for choosing Zoi Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine to seek a healthier and more joyful life!

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