A little about founder, Noa Lynne.

Noa Lynne,

Graduated at Texas Health and Science University in December 2014, the oldest and most prestigious Texas college of it’s kind. Zoi Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine was a dream born partly out of Noa’s experience as a Doula. Her passion and commitment to women’s health is exemplified by the experience and approach to medicine that the Zoi brand engenders. “Zoi” is the word for “Life” in Greek. It was chosen as the name of the clinic because Zoi Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is committed to supporting everything that is Life-Giving! The focus of Zoi Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine is women’s health and includes infertility (in both men and women), menstrual regulation and disorders, health before, during & after pregnancy, and menopause. Stress, anxiety, pain, injury, autoimmune disorders & illness prevention are also cornerstones of the Zoi practice.

As a broader commitment to holistic health, Noa has also dedicated her time and study to organic herbs that she presses and manufactures into herbal tinctures and teas for a variety of uses. Soon Zoi will also be offering this line of tinctures to her patients as well as anyone holistically inclined.

Stay tuned for updates on our clinic and wellness products and thank you for considering Zoi Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and allowing Noa’s dream to become reality!

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  • Gary Morgan

    Dear Ms. Lynne,

    I would like to explore the possibility of acupuncture to help me quit smoking cigarettes. I am 62 years old, 47 of those as a smoker. I am in general good health. I have seen an acupuncturists named Deanne Newbold (if I remember correctly) previously to help in pain management for a torn rotator cuff and for a bursa sack problem. In both cases the acupuncture was a miracle in pain management. Sadly she is now far away proximity wise. I was hoping you might give me an idea or your success rate with cigarette quitting and about how many sessions and cost that it may entail. I look forward to your response. Gary Morgan (512) 295-5145. Thank you.

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